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About WTBM

WTBM stands for: Werktuigbouw Mulder, or Mechanical Engineering Mulder

We are specialized in building tippers and would gladly build them according to your wishes, that means custom made. Basically every size is negotiable.

Furthermore as a customer you are able to choose between several standard size tippers. Examples are:

-2m x 1,2m x 0,4m
-2,5m x 1,4m x 0,4m
-2,5m x 1,4m x 0,5m
-3m x 1,4m x 0,4m
-3m x 1,4m x 0,5m
-3m x 1,8m x 0,4m
-3m x 1,8m x 0,5m
-3m x 1,8m x 0,75m

Because we are experienced in constructing different sizes of tippers for fifteen years now, we can easily adjust the standard sizes and the equipment to your own wish.

We build single-axle as well as tandem-axle, braked, unbraked, with overrun brakes and with hydraulic brakes.

Next to the different sizes and brake options you are free in choosing the color.

We guarantee you that we explicitly use first class materials and original parts.

The most important for us is that we build a tipper that not only has a great appearance, but which also is roadworthy so it will last for years, as you will be used to as a new owner.

Do you wish to receive an informal offer? Please send us an e-mail or directly call us to inform us about your wishes. Give us as much details as possible, so we can give you a suitable offer.

Do you have any (other) questions, please do contact us.

Also for the purchase of various machines, you are at the right place at our company!